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The following Scholorships are awarded to pupils studying in this institution.

    1.Master L. Joshi Jaisingh..... Merit Scholarship

    1. Std. X Rs.3000/- for School first
    2. Std. XII Rs.4000/- for School first
    3. Std. X Rs.400/- for each subject
    4. Std. XII Rs.500/- for each subject

This scholarship is awarded every year to pupils who obtain the highest mark each in Tamil,English,Mathematics,Science and Social Science in the Public Examination conduted by the state board of Matriculation Schools.

    2.Master L. Joshi Jaisingh..... Merit Scholarship for Orphans

    1. Full School Fees concession upto Std X is awarded to orphans studying in School under this Mangament only.
    2. They should secure within 3rd rank upto Std. X. The scholorship will lapse when their ranking goes beyond the 3rd rank.
    3.Master L. Joshi Jaisingh..... State Merit Scholarship

    1. I Rank - Rs.15,000
    2. II Rank - Rs 10,000
    3. III Rank - Rs. 7,000

This Scholarship is awarded every year to the pupil who obtain within the 3rd rank in the Public examination held by the State Board of Matriculation Schools.