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General Rules


  • All Puplis should come to School Compulsorily in full uniform on all working days and all school functions.
  • Puplis should be neat and tidy.
  • It is advisable to have four sets of uniform.Finger nails should be cut.
  • Boys Should have their proper hair cut.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • All pupils must come to school regulariy and punctually.
  • No Pupil may absent himself or herself with-out obtaining leave.
  • Those who come late will not be admitted into the school.
  • A student who absents himself/herself without proper reason for 15 consecutive working days will be removed from the rolls.
  • If he/she desires re-admission a fee of rs.300/- should be paid together with the admission form.

    • 1.The diary should be brought to school daily.
    • 2.Puplis must be in the school premises at 8.45 am.
    • 3.Late comers will be punished unless they get the late attendance record signed by their parent.
    • 4.Pupil suffering from a contagious or infectious disease shall not be allowed to attend the school.