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The pupil will be introduced to method of learning that will take place primarily through experience rather than rote learning. Wherever possible children will have opportunities to actually experience and apply information and knowledge. We believe that for children to learn effectively the context of the curriculum as well as its delivery is of paramount importance.

Our curriculum calls attention to hands on learning experience, which will result in the natural integrated development of knowledge skills and thinking. The primary focus is on the process that pupil will undergo in experiencing an activity. Special emphasis is laid on creating an environment for self-learning. Moral values are imbibed in the children as the school stands to cultivate values following its Indian roots with Global outlook.

Approaches to Teaching

  • Cooperative learning structures
  • Open ended discussions and questions.
  • Audio-Visual aids.
  • Dramatization /Debates
  • Resource facilitation
  • Textbooks /Notebooks/Files
  • Recitation and Story telling
  • Seminars
  • Internet surfing
  • Group discussions
  • Educational Trips/Tours
  • Blackboard/Whiteboard works/Arts & crafts/Computers/ sports & Games.
  • Use of models/Exhibitions

Language System

Patasala follows three language systems from class IV to VIII we have also a special Language French/Sanskrit/German for children to meet our Global requirements in the future. All the languages(English, Tamil, Hindi, French German and Sanskrit) are given importance through the four skills LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

First Language is English; the second language is Tamil/Hindi. The third language is Hindi/Tamil and the special Language is French/Sanskrit/German.

Practice Exercises

The pupils of classes LKG to X will be assigned with tasks to be completed at home as an extended activity in continuation with the lessons taught at school. The home task called Practice exercise will not take more than 50 minutes for the children to accomplish.

Minimum qualifying grade in all the subjects under Scholastic Domain is D