Welcome to Eve Matriculation School

  • Welcome

    Dear parents, students and visitors it’s a pleasure to make virtual acquaintance with you all.

    We have been chrysalis for developing children academically, socially, physically and emotionally for more than 29 years, helping our wards spread their wings and become inquirers, thinkers, open minded, loving, caring and well balanced individuals.

    If you and your kids would like to experience a committed holistic and top class education in a safe modern and updated campus full of dedicated and excellent qualified faculty please contact us.

    Looking forward to meeting you
    With best wishes,
    Mrs .Roselett lopez
    Founder /correspondent.
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  • Vision

    To educate young minds and foster ethical, social and moral values through holistic learning to bloom into responsible global citizens.

  • Mission

    We want to facilitate a dynamic education program to students of diverse backgrounds and help them attain their full potential and grant them much needed Knowledge ,communication ,social and life skills that enables easy transition from our school environment to the very challenging and demanding outside world.